Friday, 4 December 2015

Maasai People

Me and my group had made a presentation about the Maasai people with Miss Hockly for inquiry.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

The Warehouse visit

This morning The Warehouse came to visit us. So in the morning we did a waiata and sang to the warehouse people and then after when we where done doing the waiata we sat down and listen to the people and they had  to amazing prizes that we one, and our first prize was one thousand dollars for our school and we where like wow and we where shock that we actually won one thousand dollars. Your wondering how did we win the thousand dollars well they said we won the thousand dollars from something like plastic bags I dont know but im sure thats what they said. The thing they where talking about was for the past year and months they where helping us with the camp and our chrome books and it was amazing that they well help us with a lot of stuff. The next prize was for Mr Burt,Mr Burt won a reward for the leadership and he all so got a free 500 dollar voucher and he looked pretty happy. Then after it was done and Josephine gave a thank you speech and we sang a song and then we gave t them a clap and said thank you.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Google Expridetion visit

On the 24th of November  a guy name Michael came to our school with these stuff like he said there is a phone in a box which they are called google cardboard and in the google cardboard there is two goggles things in it and you hold the google cardboard like burger and put it to your face and then once u put it on the first thing you will see is paused by teacher and you just wait. So when we waited they explained to us about how the thing works and it sound really cool, it sound really cool because they said that its 4D and there are gonna be pics that are gonna pop up and it looks like you are actually at that place. What is 4D well 4D is a thing that you will get motion everytime it changes because it really amazing and it like comes right at you.

So back to the story Michael said that he can control these things that he can add the pictures off the ipad and there pics like space,skyscraper window washing,the king's house in paris,rock climbing down a really big hole,jungle looking at some insects and reptiles, outside a castle so we took a little adventure and then we were done because the year 8s came back from TC and I was not happy because I had a lot of fun. Man I had a fun time I hope next year they will come and do it again.  

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Immersion Assembly

On the first day of term 4 of 2015 we had an Immersion Assembly to talk about our new topic. Our topic for this term is survival. So in immersion assembly Mr Burt was dressed as a survival person with a  fia boko bird on his head, a fia boko is a colorful parrot, so back to the immersion assembly. Well in the holidays every Team has to come up with an idea of a movie or a play that explains what they're doing for this topic for this term which is survival. So some teachers in the holidays came with an idea and act it or showed it in the immersion assembly and my favorite one was team 4.

Mr Goodwin came in front of the stage and said that this term team 4 is learning about animals and their habitats, Then they had a movie that was played and the movie had some lucky kids that got to be in it. My favorite part of the movie is when it was Desman’s scene, It was crack up when he was dancing and saying he was a kangaroo. It made me laugh so good that I wish that he can say some more funny things to make me laugh again.

Another thing that made laugh about Desman’s part of the movie is when he was dancing and the background of the little baby monkey was dancing too and it was funny that I thought that they were dancing like they were dance buddies. That was so Hilarious. That was the funniest movie I've seen in a long time in any immersion assemblies.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Charity shareing

What have ive been learning this week

What I have learnt this week is about how to measure angels. Mr Wiseman my maths teacher showed us and told us about how to measure angles and how do you solve is, see what one is the answer. Here is an tip how to solve a angle question, first you have two red lines that will be pointing out wards and you but the bottom one to zero and count in tens till the other arrow will be pointing to the ten and then you count the little ones and see what the ones are and if it like 45 degrees then that's the answer. So what I mean is that the bottom arrow was at zero and the top one was at 40 then I count in ones to add to the 40 and i got 5 so I did 40 + 5=45 so the whole angle is 45 degrees. Thats what I have learnt from Mr Wiseman and from the angles game.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Cyber smart Miss Kyla

Room 1 and I where learning about with miss Kyla is what have we learnt about being cyber smart and smart footprint. Here is a goggle drawing I did is what I lernt with Miss Kyla