Monday, 23 March 2015

Polyfest Writing

On Thursday the 19th of March year 7 & 8 went to a trip to the Polyfest. I was so excited to go because I wanted to see the Maori stage, the Year 7 & 8 went on a bus to the Polyfest, once we got on the bus I was sitting at the back with Nela,Tevita,Sateki,Shitarn and Kahui. We where talking about stuff what boys do, we where singing little einsteins and Nela was doing the beat on the window. It was cool but it was just us singing because everyone else was not singing cause they where shy to sing with us.

Wants we arrive at the Polyfest I was like Yes! we are there. Then the bus went to go park on the side of the road and everyone went of the bus and went to go sit down on the grass as a line and waited until the Polyfest says we can go in. But there was another school there to go Polyfest too, but I didn't know what school they where. Then we all were talking about stuff well we were waiting for the Polyfest people say we can go, 10 mins later they said we can come in but we have to wait in line, once it was my turn they said for me to open my bag, I open my bag and they look in it if we had weapons in our bag. Then after when I got in we have to walk all the way to the ASB people are. Then when we got there they welcome us and the other school to the Polyfest and we were talking about stuff we need to know when we go off with the parent helpers. Then the told us that someone is here and then we were like who is it and they said it is John Key and heaps of the kids from the other school were like Hey! John Key. After when John Key was done talking he went in the ASB tent and went to write a letter for the Polyfest.

.After the we were done we went off as a class, my class went to a game to test how fast you can hit a tennis ball to see how much kilogram per hour. I got 92 and my second hit was 85, after when we were done we went ot go have morning tea while watching college kids say a speech in their language, I enjoyed hearing a speech cause its just cool hearing other people language. Then after we done eating we went off with our parent helpers to go do some stuff. I was with mr Wiseman, first we went off to see these stuff for little kids like little ukulele and little kids toys, I was playing the ukulele cause its nice and toned good then I was playing it. after we went to go to the Maori stage to watch them dance and do the haka. Well we were watching Mr Wiseman went to go buy us some ice blocks, it was nice and cold cause it was Hot!. after that we had to go back and line up with the other class. And we were getting ready to go back to school, I was like awww. Then we went back on the bus and went back to school.
The End


  1. Hi Maysun,
    I'm glad you enjoyed Polyfest. You got a really high score on the tennis game. Was that the highest in your group?

    Mr Wiseman


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