Tuesday, 28 October 2014

How to be a good Pt England

How To Be The Best Pt Englander.
If you want to be a good pt englander follow these three steps. You need  to be polite, wear it with pride and be cyber smart.. You need to do these three things so that we can learn and be smart.

Being polite is when you say polite stuff like thank you,excuse me and please. Theres another way that you can be polite like respecting teachers and other kids in your school. When theres a ice cream truck and you go buy a ice cream and he gives you it you say thank you.

Next is wear it with pride, wear it with pride is when we have to stay in our school uniform to represent our school. If we don’t wear our school uniform we will embarrass our school. We can wear it with pride by not wearing our jumpers around our waist.

A good Pt Englander is Cyber smart. We have to be cyber smart so that we learn different things. If we play games we will destroy our learning. I can be cyber smart by finishing off my work that the teacher has given me and not be dodgy and play games.

I told you about being a good Pt Englander and finishing your work and doing the right thing that your teacher is telling you to and don't play games that you weren't post to do.


  1. Hello Maysun

    Want a interesting blog post About the Point England way you have showed every one how the point England way is meant to be.Yes we are meant to be wearing it with pride .This is a good piece of writing it explains how its meant to be.Well keep up the good work hope to see more from you


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