Wednesday, 2 December 2015

The Warehouse visit

This morning The Warehouse came to visit us. So in the morning we did a waiata and sang to the warehouse people and then after when we where done doing the waiata we sat down and listen to the people and they had  to amazing prizes that we one, and our first prize was one thousand dollars for our school and we where like wow and we where shock that we actually won one thousand dollars. Your wondering how did we win the thousand dollars well they said we won the thousand dollars from something like plastic bags I dont know but im sure thats what they said. The thing they where talking about was for the past year and months they where helping us with the camp and our chrome books and it was amazing that they well help us with a lot of stuff. The next prize was for Mr Burt,Mr Burt won a reward for the leadership and he all so got a free 500 dollar voucher and he looked pretty happy. Then after it was done and Josephine gave a thank you speech and we sang a song and then we gave t them a clap and said thank you.

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