Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Sunk by a whale

In 1820 there was a whaling ship called the Essex, they were sailing through the Pacific Ocean. They where going to hunt for whales in the Pacific Ocean and get some whale meat.

Then something made the ship go wiggle and wiggle. Then when they found out what it was they said that it was a 32 meters sperm whale that hit our ship. Then only 20 people survive in three boats escaping from a whale attack.

Then they didn't eat for three months and they got hungry and hungry. then there was a young man name Owe coffin, his mates got a gun and shoot him and eat him alive on the little boat.

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  1. Hi Maysun,
    Great writing! I didn't know that the sailors ate Moby Dick. You've thought carefully about your sentences and ideas. Well done!


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