Friday, 20 March 2015


I find interesting at the PolyFest that we where sent to go do some fun things with the ASB people that we where doing this tennis thing that to see how hard you hit the tennis ball, the world record was 243, I got 92. but I came 4th cause some other boys got 124,93 and a girl got 111. but I still had fun,the next activity we went to flava. We where taking  some selfies and the people that where taking a picture with me was Tevita,Sateki and Nalea. We where carrying Sateki in the middle and toke the photo. After that we went to the ASB and went to go write a letter about the PolyFest and when my one was done they put my one on top of John keys one and I was like thank you to the people that put mine on top of John Keys one.

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  1. Wow I hoped enjoyed the day at the polyfest with your friends.


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