Tuesday, 10 June 2014

My nana and mum

My nana is a teddy bear because she is always nice and cuddled. She doesn't like checkey kids if we get checkey to her she will give as a smack with a broom and send us to the thinking conner and stay there to think what we did and we have to be quiet. My nanny is different to other nans because my nana smells like raw fish. I love my nana because she is my favorite nan in the whole family and she is the kindest man I ever had and she gives me lots and lots of money to go buy something for me from the shop up the roads in my streets.

My mum is the hugest mum and coolest teddy bear . she is the coolest mum and she does really cool things and lets me play on her laptop and lets me play on her ps3 and buys me really cool things like toys and video games. sometimes my mum hates when we are very noisy and crazy. I love my mum she is the best and the biggest coolest teddy bear and she is kind to me as well just like my favorite nana.

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