Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Use my brain Use my heart Im going to be cybersmart

In assembly Mr Burt was talking about our new korero called use my brain use my heart i'm gonna be cybersmart. Mr Burt made that korero because people were doing the wrong thing on their netbooks and being too much playing music.

Use my brain means when you use your brain if you're being dodgy on your netbook. You listen what your head says and you have to go on the right thing and you be cybersmart.

Use my heart is when your feelings feel sad or worry or feel guilty that you should not be on something that you are not aloud to go on. Because if you are not on the right thing you will be on the detention at lunch time.Thats just sad because you don't get to have fun outside with your friends and enjoy your whole day to like school.

Cybersmart means you are being cybersmart that you are doing the right thing on your netbook and finishing your work off. Its good to be cybersmart because some teachers call you it because you're a good boy or girl be kind to kids and be a good friend two others. Cybersmart will help you with your learning and your whole kindness at school to be cybersmart.

So when your at school use your brain use your heart your going to be cybersmart of your learning.

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  1. You have written an awesome explanation Maysun. Great work making sure that each paragraph has one main idea and finishing with a conclusion.


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