Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Term 3 Immersion Assembly.

Yesterday on Monday the 20th of july 2015 we had a Immersion Assembly on the first day of term three. Our Topic for this term is Trade & Enterprise, Trade & Enterprise means that the way you Trade,Buy or sell the stuff like an auction how you sell rare stuff or stuff that you think it looks cool for you and then you bet the amount of money you want to spend to win that thing you want from the auction. So this morning at the Immersion Assembly Mr Bert was doing an auction for the kids, the kids have to bet the most to win the prize that Mr Bert is auctioning. There where teachers in costume to do something for the performance for what they're doing for this whole term. At Immersion Assembly each team has to do a preform for the whole school about what they are gonna do about the topic for the whole term.

My favorite team performance out of the whole Immersion assembly was team 4. Thier one was about a boy sometimes have problems when he needs help. He has emotions that help him with the stuff he is having trouble with, His emotions were Extra happy,Calm and Sassy. It was like the movie called inside out, inside out is a movie that a girl has emotions that are in her head. Her emotions were called fear,Anger,disgust,sadness and joy. So back to team 4 performance, They were all of his emotions that helped him with stuff that he had trouble with. It was funny that Sassy was acting like what girls do sometimes when they talk to each other, it was so hilarious he made me laugh really hard. That's why that my team performance because it was funny.

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